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Online anger and parenting classes are bogus.

Posted on 15 January, 2014 at 16:10
Hello Everyone ,
Today i feel like  ranting a little, mainly about the crop
of online anger management and parenting class companies
that seem to be popping up all over the internet , these services
claim to be court approved to give students who are court ordered
to complete a certificate of completion but I receive on average 2-4
calls per week from students who paid and completed these classes
only to be told by the court that they were not going to accept their
certificate, when they tried to get refunds if they could reach the 
company at all is that there was no refunds.
Not only do I feel that they are ripping off desperate people who have no choice
but to complete their classes but the biggest problem is that these people had to 
complete these classes because they need help, which they cannot get simply by
going on the computer and and reading material and watching videos, what is 
missing is the human element that helps people change, like the connection between
student and coach and other perspectives as you gain from listening to similar
experiences from their piers in a group setting.
Im sure that there are some self help style classes that people can take online that would
be beneficial for people, but anger management, parenting and domestic violence are not

Thanks for reading have a great day.

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