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Choices Life Management Services

Hermosa Beach, Lawndale, Torrance and Santa Monica.

For Seminars or classroom sessions.


Rule #1 No weapons or illegal peraphanalia will be allowed at any time.

Rule #2 No harassment or intimidation of fellow students or staff will be tolerated.

Rule #3 No demeaning, racist, profane or vulgar speech is allowed.

Rule #4 No student that is under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to remain in class. (And may be terminated from the program)

Rule #5 No student may share information that was heard in class about another student outside of the class. (This is confidential)

Rule #6 All students are expected to have a positive and respectful attitude in class are expected to actively participate.

Rule #7 All students should arrive ten minutes before class starts , if you are enrolling for the first time please arrive fifteen minutes ahead, Any students arriving more than fifteen minutes late will not receive credit for that session, PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME.

For Home/Office visit sessions.

1. All adolescent classes at home or school location an adult must be present while class is underway.

2. All paperwork must be filled out properly and for minors parent consent and liability form must be completed.

These rules are enforced for the safety and well being of every student.



Choices Life Management Services