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Choices Life Management Services

Self Enrolled Students

Anger Management, Parenting and/or Domestic Violence Help is Available 

Choices Life Management Services accepts court ordered or self enrolled participants in our Anger Management, Parenting and Domestic Violence classes. For self enrolled students, we generally recommend a minimum of 12 sessions, although you may take as many sessions as you wish.

Who would benefit from self enrolling in Anger Management, Parenting or Domestic Violence classes? The answer to that is anyone who feels that they have a problem expressing themselves when they get angry (everyone from executives to clergy and even law enforcement officers) may benefit from the skills taught in our courses. Many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and her sister, Khloe, were filmed attending Anger Management classes; others like Lindsay Lohan benefitted from life management courses in order to stay out of jail and reflect on the consequences of previous reactions.

Many times people get angry and lash out at those around them. Most of the time it is directed at our loved ones or those closest to us, and very often we do not understand why. There are a multitude of reasons and through learning management tools and true self examination we can discover why.

Simply call to speak to the director regarding self enrollment and you will be given instructions on how to enroll.

Call Today: 310-766-4958 / Se Habla Espanol


Choices Life Management Services